is a new io game which you can be a galaxy. You should eat other galaxies to become larger and dominate all universe! Click your galaxy. And drag. Use "space" button to speed up! Eat red asteroids to get "speed up" skill. Eat stars to get larger. This is a "battle royale". if you die, you can not enter again! Eat all galaxies to see "Big Bang"!


Create your kingdom and dominate all lands! Dominia is a new RTS multiplayer io game, find best strategies in this online multiplayer game, gathering gold wood and food and create your army and conquer other kingdoms! Play online against other players and with friends. Knights, Soldiers, Archers into your army, then join war of Lords. io games are very competitive and addictive. So be careful! This game requires an internet connection.


In Online / Multiplayer & Offline / Single player modes, Capture the Blocks and Challenge to be Largest! If you like .io games, you love it!